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Senin, 25 Januari 2010

Scuba Diving at Wakatobi ISLAND

Wakatobi resort includes into archipelago that have 4 large islands with an area of approximately 821 Km2 among Island-Wangi Wangi, Tomia, Binongko or people trying to Wakatobi Islands. And at 1997 become the Iron Wind Islands National Park with an area 1,390,000 ha.

This island group have a natural island that is still original, fresh sea water, coral reefs and caves beneath the sea each other near one another, which is very interesting for lovers of nature and the true fans Special Interest tourism as scuba diving or tour in the land, such as browsing the Cave (Caving). This area is one area that most beautiful marine park in the world, which invites the diver to get an incredible journey.

Diving can be done at any time, but time is best done in April and December because of the weather sunny. Conditions can be good coral found at a depth of 6 – 30 m with a temperature of 27 to 28 Degrees Celsius, while diving and snorkeling also available glaa bottom boat and snorkeling equipment

To reach this area, can be achieved by: Ship fast more than 4 hours of Buton and Kendari to continue with: Quick Ship of Bau-Bau less than 5 -6 hours; of Bau-Bau to Lasalimu with four-wheel vehicle for 2 hours ago connect with the ship during the 2 – to 3 hours Wanci which is a gate to enter the area from Wakatobi Wanci, with a speedboat ride can choose the objects of tourism Hoga Island, Onemboa or other areas.

Source : http://www.hamzahmaru.com/scuba-diving-at-wakatobi-island/

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